Moments of Stillness

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Inside Home,
Raindrops come tapping,
Through the window pane.
They long to soak us,
But the glass holds strong,
Innocent and futile.

Outside Home,
Raindrops descend freely,
Eagerly embracing us.
Effortlessly, they prevail,
Each drop holds power,
Leaving a lasting impression.

The rain persists, enchanting.

The poem talks about the contrast between raindrops inside and outside a house, symbolizing different experiences or perspectives in life.

Inside the house, the raindrops try to enter through the window. They seem powerful, as if they want to make everything wet. However, they are unable to achieve their goal because they hit against the closed glass. Despite their efforts, the raindrops appear innocent and harmless from the inside, as they cannot affect or touch anyone within the protected space.

On the other hand, outside the house, the raindrops freely fall and have the ability to make things wet. They come openly, without any obstacles. Every drop seems strong, effortlessly accomplishing its purpose. They have the power to easily drench everything they touch, making a visible impact.

The phrase “the alleged rain continues” suggests that the rain is ongoing, and it may refer to the continuation of life’s experiences, challenges, or circumstances. It signifies that despite the differences in perception or situations, the rain, representing life’s trials or events, persists, continuing to influence our lives.

In essence, the poem explores the idea that there can be contrasting experiences or viewpoints in life. Inside the house represents a protected or sheltered perspective, where challenges may seem innocent or inconsequential. Outside the house represents the openness to experience, where challenges are more apparent and impactful. The poem prompts us to reflect on how our perception and environment shape our understanding and response to life’s circumstances.


Moments of Stillness – Embrace tranquil respites amidst life’s chaos. Discover serenity in quietude, unlock inner peace. Unveil the beauty of serene pauses, where time stands still. In the hush, find solace, rejuvenation, and the wisdom that emerges from the depths of stillness.

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