I am a lecturer at the Herald College where I teach Data Structures & Algorithms and Complex Systems as part of academic program in the Department of Computing.

My primary research areas are Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but I am also interested in Internet Security and Pure Mathematics. Beside that I am quite curious to explore about Eastern Mysticism as well as their parallels with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. I pursued my Bachelors in Electronics & Communication engineering from the Kantipur Engineering College and my MTech IT from the Kathmandu University.

Prior to joining the Herald College, I was a senior engineer of Sustainable Energy Nepal. Before that I was a web developer of E-Matrix Private Limited.

If you are interested to know more about me, You can browse my personal webpage as well as my blog. Your valuable thoughts are always welcome.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the role of the teacher in the classroom should be that of an experienced guide and co-learner, enabling students to further their own academic goals by introducing them to both theory and practical technique. My objective in teaching is to have students take control of their own learning processes. Rather than seeing the classroom as a place where they show up to get a grade, I encourage students to see it as a laboratory where they can learn not just the subject matter of the course, but also about how they learn, preparing them to apply that knowledge to new learning situations outside of the classroom. Since all students bring to the classroom unique knowledge and skills, I see student interaction in the classroom—both with the instructor and with each other—as essential to the learning process.

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